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Advantages Of CNG



With a proven reserve of about 206.5 million standard cubic feet, Nigeria's status in the global natural gas sector can never be overemphasized. Despite this rich hydrocarbon endowment, trillions of Naira are expended annually in subsidy payments for the importation of refined oil. This has resulted in infrastructural deficit and multidimensional energy poverty. This problem has been further complicated by lack of adequate gas pipeline and delivery infrastructure. This makes CNG, widely regarded as virtual pipeline a more flexible source of energy.

Environmental Benefits

CNG as a derivative of natural gas is a clean burning fuel with very trace amount of carbon emission. Due to growing clamor for environmental sustainability during productive activities, most industries and power plants have prioritized environmentally friendly energy sources both for compliance with global best standard and litigations for environmental violations. Switching to CNG for power generation will ensure that our clients comply with global best standard by prioritizing this environmental friendly energy source.

Economic Benefits

Multiple source analyses have shown that CNG is a cheaper energy source than diesel and petrol for power generation, domestic and industrial heating and as automotive fuel. Running CNG for combustion engines for our clients will be about 50% and 70% cheaper than petrol and diesel respectively. The high heating value of CNG makes it the most economic of the other competing fuels.

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CNG is lighter than air relative to the liquid fuels. When released into an open space, it disperses quickly and eliminates the chances of ground level contamination and ignition. Also, the containers for CNG are specifically built with materials that confer higher tensile strength than those of diesel and petrol.

Low Cost of Maintenance

Running generators on de-compressed CNG comes with lower expenditure on repairs and replacements of parts. As a cleaner fuel, the combustion of CNG results in the production lesser amount of impurities and particles relative to diesel and petrol. Lesser impurities and particles result in fewer maintenance cycle with an extension in the service life of the equipment.

Efficiency and Better Performance

CNG can be used in place of liquid fuels in industrial processes as it is more efficient with overall superior performance.

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